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Join our UNLIMITED FastPass CLUB and earn a FREE Hand Wax every 6 months!

Keeping your car clean has never been easier than with our FastPass Plans. Protect your vehicle and keep it looking great every day. Our UNLIMITED FastPass CLUB allows you to visit every day, all year long. Performance will bill your credit or debit card a low monthly membership fee each month, from the date you join.


Our EXPRESS Hand Wax takes 20 minutes or less! Applied with a soft orbital buffer (it mimics hand motions), our premium wax cleans off embedded dirt, minerals, and light oxidation. This Less-than-20-minute Express Hand Wax service gives dramatic improvements to your vehicle's clear coat shine.


Here's how the UNLIMITED FastPass CLUB works:

  1. Select the Wash Package you want.

  2. Use your credit or debit card to join the CLUB. This will entitle you to unlimited daily washes during the month.

  3. We will apply a FastPass windshield tag to your windshield. This pass will allow our system to recognize your vehicle and the wash package you have. (Windshield tags are not transferable between vehicles.)

  4. Every month, from the date of purchase, your credit or debit card will be charged automatically to renew your FastPass membership.  NOTE:  If you're a member for 6 continuous months, you'll earn a FREE EXPRESS Hand Wax    (a $43 Value)! It's a great deal!

  5. You can opt out at any time by notifying us.



Terms and Conditions: This program cannot be combined with any other offers. Commercially-owned vehicles are not eligible for membership in our UNLIMITED FastFass CLUB.



































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